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After already many years of presence in the market we just have to say THANK YOU to each one who has approached to us, no matter if it only was to to «nose around». Sincerily, THANK YOU ALL.

Everything began with the idea and professional experience of his founder José Leiva who knew how to start a kind of philosophy, a way to understand this instrument and of course, a constant idea which is always around his head: INNOVATE TO MOVE FORWARD. But innovation requires not only imagination, it requires high quality too, perseverance facing the unforeseen, to be able to listen  (this is what we do best) and, over all, SINCERITY which is definitely  what makes a person to choose one or another cajon.

We believe that our products tell the truth about the people behind them.
Here we are and here we will be for everything you need. Pepe Leiva will be here to listen to every one who approaches  to the brand, even if it is only to look around, since having a browse is very necessary to fill the holes of the unknown and in this brand we want all the world to know and understand what moves us.


Pepe Leiva

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  • C/ Capacho, s/n
    C.P. 14550 Montilla (Córdoba)
  • 957 65 65 53
  • info@leivapercussion.com


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